New items on Ebay Heritage H-150 and Hagstrom II

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Well I had no luck selling my Hagstrom III (H3) on ebay last week.  I may lower the price a bit, but now that I have been playing it more I am having second thoughts.

I did sell the Fender Rhodes Bass Piano. It did not sell on ebay, but as soon as it ended it received a lot more interest.

New on ebay is my Hagstrom HII (H2). This one is is a lot better shape than the H3 and was a great find for me. This one I don’t like playing much. the better the condition the guitar the less I feel comfortable playing it as I am afraid of putting a scratch or dent into it..  There is also something about a worn-in guitar that really appeals to me.

You can see pictures of this guitar on my main website

I also listed my Hertage H-150 special. This solidbody Gibson Les Paul contender is a heavyweight guitar and I have a video of how she sounds:

Update: Sorry, the Heritage has been sold

Also available on ebay and my website are a Kasino amplifier which goes by the name “Snake Eyes” which is made by Ross, the same company that makes Kustom tuck-n-roll amps. This one is only available by local pick-up (SE Wisconsin) as it is really heavy.

Plus I listed some  SG sound reinforcement PA speakers. I think I started at $40 which is a stel even though it needs at least one speaker. There are 4 speaker cabs, each with 2 10-inch speakes.

Update: Sorry, both the Kasino and the SG speakers have been sold

You can see pictures of all these on my main website which will get you to the ebay listings.

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